Remarkable events

  • 2023

    25.04.2023. CMC is an official Supporter of the 5th Annual Marine Money Cyprus. On 25th April 2023, the Cyprus Marine Club participated as an official Supporter of the 5th Annual Marine Money Cyprus that was held in Limassol in the Four Season Hotel.
    20-21.05.2023. CMC participates for the very first time in the 3rd Thalassa Festival, with several exciting events planned to help promote the island’s marine culture. The festival was inaugurated by President Nikos Christodoulides.
    14-15.06.2023. CMC participated in the two-day Mediterranean Maritime Forum held at Grand Resort Limassol and organized by IGGS Group. The CMC was one of the Forum’s Official supporters and the Club was invited by the Organizers to present the Club’s mission and vision.
    27.06.2023. On 27th June 2023 Cyprus Marine Club had the honor to host the Shipping Deputy Minister to the President, Ms. Marina Hadjimanolis who was sharing with us her first impressions of over 100 days in the Shipping Deputy Ministry Office. Mrs. Marina Hadjimanolis was officially appointed a Shipping Deputy Minister on March 1st, 2023.
  • 2022

    01.07.2022. Capt. Koch re-elected for President of Cyprus Marine Club for 2022 -2024 and new BOD members were welcomed.
    07.10.2022. Cyprus Marine Club (CMC) marked its participation in the Maritime Cyprus for the first time by hosting an interview with the President of the Cyprus Union of Shipowners (CUS) , Mr. Andreas Hadjiyiannis.
    12.10.2022. Cyprus Marine Club has participated in Maritime Cyprus Exhibition with its own stand for the first time since its establishment in 1999. The "Maritime Cyprus" Conference is organised every two years by the Shipping Deputy Ministry in cooperation with the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Cyprus Union of Shipowners.
  • 2021

    13.07.2021. Official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cyprus Marine Club and the Cyprus Marine Environmental Protection Association (CYMEPA).
    19.10.2021. H. E. Deputy Shipping Minister to the President, Mr. V. Demetriades, who had accepted our invitation and award of Cyprus Marine Club Honorary Membership.
    19.10.2021. 3rd Cyprus Marine Club Interview with Key Shipping Personality in Cyprus when we had the honour to host Mr. Hajioannou, CEO of Safe Bulkers, Inc.
  • 2020

    09.07.2020.Capt. Koch re-elected for President of Cyprus Marine Club for 2020 -2022 and new BOD members were welcomed.
  • 2018

    18.05.2018.AGM and Election to the BOD. Capt. E. Koch elected President of Cyprus Marine Club for the Board Years 2018 -2020
  • 2017

    26.01.2017. H. E. Minister of Transport, Communications & Works welcomes the Cyprus Marine Club’s New Year by cutting the Vassilopitta.
    16.05.2017. Cyprus Marine Club’s Presidency handed over to Capt. Eberhard Koch during the AGM Closed Session by the Club’s Founder, Mr. Michael G. Ioannides.
    16.05.2017. H. E. Minister of Transport, Communications & Works, Marios Demetriades validates his support to the Cyprus Marine Club 16.06. Epsilon was announced “Home of Cyprus Marine Club”
  • 2016

    Minister of Transport, Communications & Works at the Opening of Limassol hosting venue recognising the Cyprus Marine Club as a shipping entity forming part of the Cyprus Maritime Cluster.
  • 2008

    The Cyprus Marine Club was the main sponsor of the historical ship "Kyrenia" (now on public display at Limassol Marina) during its maiden voyage from Limassol to Piraeus for the Mayor of Athens, "xalkina Gia ta metallia ton athliton / Bronze Medal for the Athletes" for the Athens Olympic games.
  • 2003

    The Cyprus Marine Club published the first shipping magazine of Cyprus - "Euroship".
  • 2000

    The Cyprus Marine Club assisted FREDERICK University and the first shipping department established and the BSc in maritime studies become a reality.
  • 1999

    The Cyprus pound story and the official opening of the Cyprus Marine Club at its registered offices, Nicosia,Parou 4,1082 Agioi Omologites, Nicosia. Ceremony June 1999 by the late President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Glafkos Clerides and Honorary member.