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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 13:37

2020 Easter Wishes from President of Cyprus Marine Club

15th April 2020



Dear Members and Friends,

As we entered the Holy Week and prepare to celebrate Easter at our homes with the closest family members only , the world stands united. We are united in uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, united in not knowing when our societies will withstand the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, united to feel that we have nowhere to turn as science and knowledge we have developed to this point in the history offers us insufficient solutions.

The pandemic is making suffering of vulnerable people – the elderly, the sick the poor and unemployed – even deeper. We are united in prayers that leaders all over the world rise to the challenge of promoting unity and a shared responsibility.

At this point in history, we hope that our societies put aside economic concerns and show that they care for everyone without exception.

But in the midst of loss, uncertainty and suffering, something incredible is happening too: we are noticing the bonds which form our human family. Bonds that we previously took for granted or ignored. As we live in isolation and we all become marginalised and vulnerable, the global suffering we are seeing, has made it cristal clear to us that we need other people and other people need us too.

It is as though the stone that covers the tomb is slowly being rolled back to allow a light of recognition. The light announces Easter and the Risen Christ.

Meanwhile changes that would have been unthinkable three months ago are actually happening: air quality is improving in a number of countries and warrying parties in some others have called ceasefires. These may be temporary but they remind us that seemingly irresolvable human problems aren’t eternal. None of the crises has the final say when you make space for hope.

The love, seen in small and large gestures of hope and solidarity, is calling us to a new future and new way of living. COVID 19 knows no boarders but neither does faith, hope and love.

I do believe that answer to this crisis lies in all of us and our unity. As people around the world face Easter without the possibility of physical communion, without the possibility of celebrating the Eucharist, without even being with the closest members of their families, we have on the other hand a time to slow down and reflect deeply on what EASTER means for each of us. In the darkness of this
crisis, there is a light and I hope this festive season will give many a chance to notice this light and find deeper meaning of this challenge which is facing the whole of humanity and which is calling us to faith.

It will be long fight but by helping one another through this, by our determination, our humanity will prevail and we will emerge stronger.




I wish you all an Easter of love, hope and peace.

Kind regards
Capt. Eberhard Koch
Cyprus Marine Club