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Friday, 18 May 2018 08:50

H. E. Shipping Deputy Minister to the President Mrs. Natasa Pilides Addreses The Cyprus Marine Club's 3rd Annual General Meeting


May 15, 2018

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Limassol, May 15, 2018

“Shipping Deputy Minister Natasa Pilides : “The Club’s proactive work enhances our efforts to promote and develop one of the most significant pillars of our economy, Cyprus Shipping. As a non profit organisation, the Cyprus Marine Club leverages on the goodwill of many experts in the shipping industry who devote a lot of time and effort to encourage and support the maritime industry.

For this I must extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your commitment. The coordinated and targeted actions of the Club aimed at continuously improving & promoting the Cyprus maritime industry are truly important to our cluster.”

The Minister congratulated President and newly elected Board success, progress and prosperity in future endeavors and expressed personal gratitude for creating opportunities and support to Cypriot shipping community.

Mrs. Pilides further pointed out that the “creation of the Shipping Deputy Ministry to the President highlights the commitment and support of the Cyprus government to further enhancing the Cyprus shipping industry. That is why the cooperation with the Club is so important because it is thank to you that we can implement and make a reality a framework which is modern, advanced and technologically ahead and which completes the needs of the industry”.

Mrs. Pilides at her conclusion made assurance that Shipping Deputy Ministry would continue to cooperate with Cyprus Marine Club and and support it in every possible way .

The welcoming speech of the Shipping Deputy Minister was followed by the President- Capt. Koch’s address. The President thanked Members, Sponsors and Board Members for their cooperation and support and assistance in 2017/2018 in accomplishing activities of Cyprus Marine Club. “It was my greatest pleasure and honor to serve CMC in capacity of President for the past year. Thank you for entrusting me this special function.” Capt. Koch announced his commitment for the benefit of the Members and the Cyprus maritime community sharing details of the Club’s journey so far as well as the anticipated programme of events for 2018 bringing on a casual and relaxed platform industry colleagues, associates and friends together.

The President reported that the Club counts now 75 Members and the number is steadily increasing.

“Capt. Koch : “The Cyprus Marine Club being a non profit organization, embraces and encourages a plethora of maritime industry stakeholders for friendly membership in an effort to promote the Cyprus maritime industry and share experiences. Cyprus Marine Club contribution, support and cooperation with organizations connected to the maritime industry, reinforces the maritime cluster of the Cyprus maritime infrastructure and we hope that it will be successful in continuing this mission in 2018/2019 and years to come. It is our aim to create and build bridges and long lasting relationships. If we can make Cyprus Marine Club further industry voice in the Cyprus Shipping Comminity, we have reached partly future goals”

The President also quoted Henry Ford, giving summary to Cyprus Marine Club mission so far.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success”

Following President’s speech a short address was delivered by the Club’s valued Gold Sponsor: - Bureau Veritas – Mr. Nicos Attas. Unfortunately our Platinium Sponsor : UMAR WSR – Mr. Thrasos Tsagarides and the Gold Sponsor- Tototheo Group- Mrs. Despina Theodosiou could not be present at the Club’s AGM doe to urgent obligations to deliver short address.

Great closure of the AGM was announcement of New Board of Directors for 2018- 2020:-

  • President : Capt. Eberhard Koch, OL Shipping Group
  • Deputy President: Capt. Andreas Frangos, SCF Managememt Services
  • Vice President: Mr. George von Oppen, TMH Limited
  • Treasurer: Mr. Nicos Attas, Bureau Veritas
  • Secretary General: Mrs. Julia Paczkowska, OL Shipping Group
  • Board Member: Mr. Michael Filippou, Cyprus Union of Shipowners
  • Board Member: Capt. A. Legowski, OL Shipping Group
  • Board Member: Mrs. Marina Nikolaitcheva, Mester Commercial Ltd
  • Board Member: Capt. Andreas Constantinou, Frederick University
  • Board Member: Capt. E.-H. Adami, Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd
  • Board Member: Capt. Sunil Kapoor, FML Shipmanagement

A beautiful cocktail reception in splendid environment near the sea, opened to VIP guests and members of the Club, ended close to midnight... Compliments to Marios Nicolaou and entire EPSILON Team.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cyprus Marine Club, please contact Ms. Julia Paczkowska: Info@cyprumarineclub.org.cy